Cover of book: Bivalve Seashells of Florida
Bivalve Seashells of Florida: An Identification
Guide to the Common Species of Florida and
the Southeast

by Trish Hartmann
Anadara Press
This page was last updated April 26, 2011.
This new field guide to Florida bivalve seashells is well-organized by taxonomic group, with color photographs on the
same page spread as the detailed species descriptions. There are introductory chapters on bivalve anatomy, Florida's
coastal habitats, human uses of bivalves, and shell collecting.

The organization of this field guide includes extra features such as page headers with family names at the outside
corners which make it easy to thumb through the book to find the desired section, and a comprehensive index that allows
searching by family, species name, genus name or common name.

The entire book is in full color, with the printing quality of an art book. It has a Smythe-sewn binding for longevity.
Bivalve Seashells of Florida is a beautifully photographed, well-organized, detailed field
guide to Florida's bivalve seashells. It contains more than 500 high-resolution color
photographs, as well as species descriptions that include key identification features,
comparisons with similar species, geographic range, and habitat type. All of the common
Florida species are included, as well as many of the uncommon and rare species,
making this book indispensable for any Florida shell collector. Divers, educators, marine
science students will also find this book highly useful. The text reflects the latest
developments in bivalve taxonomy, yet the book remains very readable for students or
newcomers to malacology.
Price:  $ 21.95
ISBN-13: 978-0-9759059-0-6
Paperback; 183 pages; Smythe-sewn
526 color photographs
Fully indexed.
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